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Consumer Rights


1.You have the right not to be called at your place of employment if you request it.
2.You have the right to be contacted in writing only if you request it.
3.You have the right to know the name and address of the original creditor if it is different from the current creditor.
4.You have the right to dispute the bill in writing or request additional information.
5.You have the right to be treated with dignity & respect regardless if you owe a past due bill.
6.You have the right to know the exact amount of your bill including an explanation of any fees, charges or interest added to the original charged off amount.
7.Please check your state’s statutes as it ranges widely from state to state and from type of bill. You may not be sued in civil court if the account is beyond the statute of limitations in your state. This does not mean you do not owe the past due bill. It means that the time for civil action has past, it can still affect you in other ways including credit reporting for 7 years.
8.There are other laws that also protect you by state & according to the FDCPA. Feel free to review any information pertaining to these additional protections.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to one of our qualified supervisors to handle any complaint, dispute or questions you may have about the collections process.